The Washington Post today launches new polling tools that invite users to explore Washington Post poll results in greater detail and see how results have changed over time.  

In addition to The Post’s usual in-depth analysis providing key takeaways on national and local polls, all Post polls will now display question-by-question detail online. The Post will show results by age, sex, race, education, income, partisanship, ideology and more, so users will be able to compare how various demographic and political groups answered each question. Users will also be able to see how results have changed over time for poll questions that have been asked in the past.  

For example, with today’s Washington Post-ABC News poll, users can see how different groups assess the U.S. economy and view their own financial prospects. Users  also get the latest breakdown on the likely November match-up between President Obama and Mitt Romney, including how those numbers have moved this year.  

“Washington Post polls are an integral part of how we cover national and local news and politics, providing key insight into what people are thinking and experiencing, and about what they expect from their public officials. We are committed to helping our users understand and engage with this information, and these new, dynamic tools provide a level of detail rarely provided in public opinion surveys,” said Jon Cohen, Polling Director and Polling Editor of The Washington Post.    

The new features will accompany all Post polls, and will be linked throughout Post polling stories. All polling tools and data can be found on The Post’s polling page at 

For more information on The Post’s new polling features including regular analysis about polls, see Chris Cillizza’s TheFix blog, visit The Post’s Polling section and follow @PostPolls on Twitter.