Following a two month-long intensive application process, The Washington Post Helping Hand is pleased to announce its 2014-16 beneficiaries. Helping Hand, The Post’s new giving initiative, and local columnist John Kelly will highlight the three nonprofit beneficiaries and their efforts to support D.C.’s homeless, hungry and impoverished. Through bi-weekly columns in John Kelly’s Washington over an eight-week period this winter, Helping Hand hopes to inspire readers to donate to the D.C. metro area’s most disadvantaged communities. Helping Hand will help facilitate direct donations through John Kelly’s column and to the nonprofit organizations.

Meet the 2014-16 Beneficiaries

Community of Hope

The D.C.-based nonprofit works to empower impoverished adults and children through their housing, healthcare and education services. Through their various assistance programs, Community of Hope helps individuals get back on their feet by providing stable homes, educational opportunities, job referrals, counseling, and more.


Homestretch helps families and children in the Virginia area break the cycle of poverty through programs that encourage independence. Since its launch in 1990, Homestretch has assisted 1,000 families become self-supporting and productive members of the community. Homestretch’s programs teach individuals how to sustain full-time employment, earn a high school diploma, pay taxes and own a home.

Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Founded in 1974, Sasha Bruce Youthwork works to create a better tomorrow for young people in the Washington, D.C. community. Sasha Bruce Youthwork provides services that range from finding youth a safe place to live, sharing information on educational and career opportunities and creating stable family environments.

John Kelly’s Washington

The Post’s John Kelly will chronicle the moving stories of the families and individuals supported by the high-impact nonprofits named Helping Hand beneficiaries over an eight-week holiday campaign starting in November 2014 in his column, John Kelly’s Washington. Kelly has long written about charitable endeavors in the D.C. community.

How can I donate to Helping Hand?

Readers will be able to donate to the 2014-16 beneficiaries through Helping Hand starting in November 2014. Please check back and visit for more information.