For the first time, The Washington Post is making its APIs available for programmers with the launch of “Powered by The Post,” a portal featuring open APIs from The Washington Post.  Developers will be able to create their own unique applications using data vetted or published by The Post, such as presidential speeches, White House visits,campaign finance data and more. 

 “Launching an API portal allows developers outside of The Post to create new, interesting ways to understand and present the data we’ve collected, including creating mashups with all the other interesting data that exists on the web,” said Shailesh Prakash, Vice President of Digital Product Development and Chief Information Officer at The Washington Post.

 In addition to the API portal, on October 6 and 7, The Washington Post will host an Election Hackathon devoted to the 2012 presidential election. The Election Hackathon is a chance for developers to show off their skills and build unique, relevant apps onsite that leverage data from The Post, NPR, Sunlight Labs and other APIs.

 “The Election Hackathon will be an opportunity to shed new light on the presidential election. We love the idea of bringing together talented developers to network, compete and collaborate,” said Dave Goldberg, Director of API Products at The Washington Post. 

 Developers who create the best, most inspiring apps will receive prizes. The judges for the competition include CmdrTaco, editor-at-large of WaPo Labs; Ezra Klein, Washington Post columnist and Wonkblog editor; and Brian Boyer, news application editor at NPR. Prizes will be awarded for best overall app, best data visualization and best mashup.

 To learn more about “Powered by The Post” or to register for the upcoming Election Hackathon, visit

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