The Washington Post today launched “Know More,” a new socially-driven, curated page led by Wonkblog editor Ezra Klein and writer Dylan Matthews. Know More works to make social news smarter. Each day, Know More will present readers with graphs, videos, quotes, and other striking, visual content built to be shared and will couple the information with the option to go much deeper into the subject, to learn more about the issues at hand.

“The social web can be shallow,” said Ezra Klein, editor of Wonkblog and a domestic policy columnist at The Washington Post. “Your friends share a graph or a video or a picture and it's great. It's funny. Maybe it's even profound. But then it's over. There's nowhere else to go. Know More is content that is meant to be shared -- but also meant to present readers with the joy of intellectual discovery and the riches of the slow web. A great graph about inequality might lead to a fascinating think tank report readers would have never otherwise discovered -- much less known they wanted to read. A heartbreaking quote might bring them to a long-form story they would have otherwise passed over. It's a new way for The Washington Post to publish. And it's a new way for our readers to learn.”

Because Know More content is meant to be shared, the page features a clean, responsive design made up of clickable tiles. When a user clicks on a tile, it will expand to allow users to instantly share the story through Twitter or Facebook. To go deeper into the selected topic or story, readers can click “Know More” to pull up related content from The Post or across the web. Users can also click “No More” to hide the selected module from their view.

Visit Know More at: