The Washington Post today launches, an experimental new jobs site that incentivizes users to share job listings with potential candidates by paying them a cash bonus if an applicant they referred is hired.

 “Research shows that referrals are the number one source for external hires. We wanted to experiment with this concept by opening it up to any user, helping employers reach a broader network of potential candidates, namely, those who are qualified but may not be actively looking for a job,” said Michael Cirrito, Director of Classified Marketplaces. “We hope the referral model will drive stronger applicants more quickly and help with those hard-to-fill openings.”

 ReferAlong allows users to share job listings with potential applicants through Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. The site then tracks the referral chain to ensure that everyone who is part of it, including the new hire, will receive a share of the referral bonus. Users can also apply for a job directly on the site without a referral. Employers can easily manage their job listings and applicants on the site as well as share the listings with their social networks through Facebook and LinkedIn.

 “ReferAlong is an innovative idea in the space of traditional classifieds, both in the business model and in the technology powering it,” said Shailesh Prakash, Vice President of Digital Product Development and Chief Information Officer at The Washington Post. “We have leveraged several open source technologies to build this product giving us the ability to track the entire referral chain and helping us understand the use of networking within the recruiting landscape.”

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