For 27 seasons the Shakespeare Theatre Company has provided free access to Shakespeare’s classics through the Free For All. The Washington Post is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Free For All and continue to help bring Shakespeare to D.C. area residents. For the 2013 season, there will be free performances of Much Ado About Nothing at Sidney Harman Hall from August 20 to September 1.

About Much Ado About Nothing: Fall in love with one of the most romantic comedies ever written, Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Everyone can see that Beatrice and Benedick are meant for each other except Beatrice and Benedick. Hero and Claudio, themselves newly betrothed, conspire to trick them into announcing their feelings and falling for each other. Meanwhile, a bitter and troublesome Don John schemes to destroy Claudio and Hero’s engagement by besmirching Hero’s honor. Touted as “one of the hottest directors to come out of Washington” by The Washingtonian, Ethan McSweeny directs Shakespeare’s classic tale of matched wits and love.

Recommended for children in 8th grade and above.

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