The half-day, skills training seminars are designed to increase student understanding of descriptive and narrative writing techniques.  The interactive session will:

-  Enhance the writing proficiency of high school juniors who are preparing to apply for college and have an interest in pursuing journalism careers.

-    Emphasize the importance of developing critical thinking skills and putting those skills to use in everyday life and as consumers of news and information.

At the conclusion of the seminar, students will have produced personal narrative statements and a narrative essay.  Mentors will select four narrative essays from each session to feature in the Young Journalists section of the Community Relations page on  Seminar participants will be selected through a registration process.


Q: Who is a perfect candidate for this workshop?

A: All local public, private and charter high school journalists throughout Washington, D.C., and The Washington Post circulation areas in Maryland and Virginia are eligible to attend. Please note that you can only be selected to take part in the narrative writing workshop once per year.

Q: When does the workshop take place?

A: The workshop takes place on Saturday, November 15 from 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at The Post.

Q: Is there an application process and/or how do I register for the workshop?

A: Yes. Registration forms will be available for download at

Q: When will registration and/or application materials be available?

A: Registration and application materials will be available for download on Wednesday, October 22.

Q: How many students are eligible to take part in the workshop and/or the mentorship program?

A: The workshop is limited to 14 students.

Q: Is the application or registration period currently open?

A: No.