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Congressional Democrats introduce 'DEJOY Act' to block USPS restructuring plan

Updated Mar 26, 2021 at 12:32 PM EST

Democrats are swarming to block a key piece of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s 10-year restructuring plan for the U.S. Postal Service, casting serious doubts on the feasibility of DeJoy’s proposals to achieve financial stability for the agency.
A group of House Democrats on Friday introduced legislation to forbid the Postal Service from lengthening mail-delivery windows and require the agency to adhere to present service expectations. They named the bill the Delivering Envelopes Judiciously On-time Year-round Act, or “DEJOY Act.”

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A draft of the ‘‘Delivering Envelopes Judiciously On-time Year-round Act," or "DEJOY Act," introduced Friday by Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.).