Today Gene Weingarten is chatting with readers in his regular Chatological chat. But before he started, he shared this poem about the Repulican primary. Join his chat live here.

The GOP Field, in rhyme:

First there was Romney

(The obvious nom’nee)

But conservative folks

Believed him too sane.

So then came Bachmann

(She seemed a lock, man)

But, no, soon came Perry

And then Herman Cain.

The first proved a loony

The second, cartoony

The third couldn’t master

Control of his schlong.

Now Newt’s emerging

(His poll numbers surging!)

But Newt, he’s got “baggage” --

This douche wont last long.

Ron Paul is a-screechin’

And rantin’ and preachin’ --

Let’s make heroin legal!

(There goes the ballgame.)

While poor old Santorum

Can’t muster a quorum

At a meeting of people

Who’ve not Googled his name.

In the end there is Romney

(The obvious nom’nee)

Who will run for the White House

But won’t have a chance.

Though he is not loony,

Oversexed or cartoony,

Folks will not forgive him

Those weird underpants.