Just because I’m no longer working for a company doesn’t mean I’m not working just as hard for my family. In a sense, my role as a househusband is similar to what I had all those years at work: helping to move us forward.

With three kids still at home and a wife working full-time, I have plenty of ways to contribute to the family each day.

One of the ways is by doing the shopping each week. This means sometimes going to three different stores to get the best bargains. With the food purchased, I plan and cook most of the meals. I consider myself a decent cook, but most of what we eat—pasta, chicken, beef dishes—are not gourmet dishes. I work on creating good, nutritionally balanced meals with appropriate side dishes, vegetables and salads. The family especially likes my Chicken Tarragon and Frankfurter and Potato Scramble.

Lunches are made the night before for both my wife and 11-year old daughter. They are grateful for my efforts.

Another way I contribute is by taking care of the family finances. With the loss of my income, it is a challenge each month to make sure the mortgage and other bills get paid. Though our mortgage is probably mid-range for owning a home in Silicon Valley, it still takes up a good amount of my wife’s take-home pay.

(Courtesy of Daniel Joyce)

I’ve done the yard and car maintenance for years, and it seems like no one in the family is stepping up to take those tasks from me!

I also make medical and dental appointments, and take my daughter to all of hers.

I recently helped my youngest son apply for community college and helped him purchase and register his first car with money he saved from his high school graduation.

It seems like I continue to find new ways to help my family each day. I feel I have gone from being a good to a great househusband.

Daniel Joyce, a 54-year-old former financial marketer from San Jose, Calif., has been unemployed for three years. Read more about him here. Read about the “Help Wanted” project here. Visit the project home page here.