The Federal Eye Blog asked federal workers to describe the mood in their department or agency in one word. Many responded with the word “annoyed.”

From a State Dept. employee:

“Busy, but with the clear knowledge that we have targets on our backs when we are trying to work hard and help the American people. Kinda makes you wonder how we are the villains. Its even worse for my local employees (I work in an Embassy in South Asia). They make a bit more than a dollar an hour working for the Embassy, which supports an extended family. With a shutdown and loss of income, this is a massive concern.”

From a Veterans Affairs employee:

“If you think that federal workers are useless, ask yourself this: who else is going to do my job and for how much are they going to do it? I serve our nations veterans, but the GOP says I’m overpayed. Heck—a contractor would make twice what I make. I worked on a project that the contractor billed us for more than a million bucks. For 25 percent of that, I could get a couple of GS-11s and a GS-9s in here and do the exact same work, with the exact same quality. But noooooo... government is bad.”

From a Defense Dept. employee:

“We are doing our jobs, but the budget uncertainty makes everyone tense. Some are worried about paychecks. Some are worried about catching up on the huge backlog of work whenever we get back. We are absolutely swamped as it is, and a shutdown isn’t going to help. It will significantly impact our national security and our ability to support the warfighter.”

Now we want to know: Is your agency telling you anything about its contingency plans if a shutdown were to occur? Tell us.

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