The Federal Eye Blog asked federal workers to describe the mood in their department or agency in one word. Many responded with the “disgusted.”

From a Justice employee:

“We are diligently working as if the CR or budget will be passed into law. We are a litigating component in DOJ, so regardless of how the ‘rules’ of a shutdown read, our court dates stand. We need to work or be in contempt of court. Therefore, we need to provide BlackBerry, Phone, Remote Access, Litigation Support, etc.”

From a Defense Dept. employee:

“Too busy with work to pay attention. We have to cobble things together and do them again and again (travel and training requests) because we gave money and then we don’t and then we do. We are angry at Congress for playing games with support to the military because we support them. ”

From a Treasury employee:

“These freshman politicians are taking a hard line stance, but they did not win with 100% of the vote. They are representing everyone and other then a few stubborn people, most people are willing to compromise to unite rather then dig in and divide.”

Now we want to know: Is your agency telling you anything about its contingency plans if a shutdown were to occur? Tell us.

And share your response to these frustrated federal workers in the comments below.