The Federal Eye Blog asked federal workers to describe the mood in their department or agency in one word. Many responded with the “unnoticed.”

From a State Dept. employee:

“I manage an Embassy overseas, in a third world country. We employ hundreds of local staff, also federal workers, most of whom are poor by our standards and depend, with their extended families, on their biweekly paycheck. They have no savings, and have no credit. They face missing their paychecks during the shutdown, and they have no safety net. The shutdown will be personal disasters for these good people.”

From an IRS/Treasury employee:

“I work with the IRS and the work is slow for our department and we are concerned that our seasonal people will not get a long season.”

From an Education employee:

“We’re working — as usual.”

Now we want to know: Is your agency telling you anything about its contingency plans if a shutdown were to occur? Tell us.

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