On Friday morning, the Obama administration announced that it will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children and lead law-abiding lives.

Several hundred Washington Post readers commented on the early story ahead of Obama’s official announcement Friday afternoon. Here is a sampling of what readers had to say:

●“From what I read here, we are essentially creating a limbo for a certain class of people. Illegal, but yet allowed to stay here. That makes no sense at all to me. I understand that they were brought here by their parents illegally and that they had no say in the matter and have since built lives here. I wouldn’t mind so much if we accept that much and require that they be put on a track to become legal naturalised citizens. But this is just plain dumb!” — pjs1965

●“Thank you dear future fellow Citizens of the United States of America. We will never forget this and we Dreamers will not let you down!” Carrick319

●“I am glad to hear this! These kids can't help they were brought here when they were young, and they don't know any other life. Deporting them is just sending them somewhere they don't know at all — and that'd be awful for ANYONE. I know I'd be miserable if someone sent me to a foreign country that I wasn’t familiar with. Some of these kids barely speak any language besides English! They can contribute to our society, and we don't need to punish the kids for what their parents did.”AnonyMiss

●“Whatever your views on the Dream Act, this is the most important phrase in the entire story — [with] this act Obama ‘also bypasses Congress.’ I remember the good old days when the USA was a democracy, and the Chief Executive ‘executed’ the laws enacted by Congress. Even if you favor the Dream Act, as I do, we should be marching in the streets over this! This crazy man thinks he is the dictator of the USA? He can simply decide to ignore the official law of the land (even if it is admittedly stupid) and just rule by fiat! If Americans put up with this, we no longer deserve to be a free people and we won't be!” Drew95

●“What happens if one of these kids becomes the next Steve Jobs and creates a huge corporation that is able to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans, will you be so pissed off then? A lot of these kids are very smart because they want to get somewhere. They have been fighting poverty their entire lives.” shenriquez84

●“Children are not illegals, nor are they criminals, just because they turn 18. Would you like to be held responsible for the sins of your father and mother? This is a humane way of dealing with a heartbreaking problem that our country fostered out of greed to have underpaid migrant workers bring in their crops, not to mention the multitude of injustices that they had to endure under the hands of some employers. This is also a political move, though I did not vote for Obama the first time around, I do not know I could vote for a man that was anti-immigrant and I am a Republican through and through. I equate this with abortion of our future, no matter what side of the political arena you stand. Obama may just get my vote now. The value that is placed on a human being is without price and in the eyes of God, the innocent have a huge tug on His heart. How can we save the aborted babies if we cannot save the innocent children left abandoned by our policies? We should be endeavoring to do both.” Nena77

●“What about the legal immigrants who have entered here legally, followed laws and went to school? Why do they have to wait in line for over ten years while the ILLEGALS get a free pass?” kelglad

●“This could backfire on Obama. There will be independent voters who vote against him because of this. No matter what your political persuasion his timing has to be questioned. This has been a hot-button issue for his entire administration, but he saves this announcement until election time.” jp31901cg

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