One thing I always encourage young entrepreneurs to think about when they’re starting their business is to make sure they do it with someone else. Go get a co-founder. Go get multiple co-founders. Many times at that stage, you don’t find many people who are superior at every single aspect of every business function. You may be good at sales but not marketing, or finance, or product development, or IT infrastructure. It’s extraordinarily critical that you put a team together, because that really is going to increase your likelihood of success.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of some groundbreaking new technology. It can be innovation in design. It can be innovation in process, and work flow, and making your company more efficient.

A common theme around education is making the curriculum more relevant to real life. Thousands of kids are dropping out of school every single day. And the really interesting fact is that 80 percent of those kids surveyed said they would have stayed in school if it were just more relevant to their daily life.

Certainly, don’t be fearful of failure, but if you’re going to fail, fail fast. I think the whole painting yourself in a corner, and the death by a thousand paper cuts, is what really drives businesses down.