Wanted: Cure for obstinacy

A problem that’s probably familiar to many: “My parents are in their mid-70s, have always been healthy and active and still have their mental faculties. They live two hours away and I see them regularly.

“Within the past year, my Mom has experienced unexplained weight loss (45 lbs. and counting). She was a normal weight before so it’s particularly dramatic/alarming to me. I feel there must be something wrong and keep encouraging her to seek medical attention. She--in our classic family pattern--remains in denial. My Dad, too.

“Given that they are ‘with it’ mentally, is there anything I can actually do? I’m so worried they won’t get help until it’s too late.”

Have you had experience with this? Did the other person ever come around? If not, did you back off and accept it was the other person’s prerogative to do nothing, or did you keep pressing? Did it affect your relationship either way? What was the health outcome?

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