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Live updates: Dozens of Fla. hospitals run out of ICU beds as U.S. approaches 3 million coronavirus cases

Arizona is also swiftly approaching full capacity for ICU beds, while Texas, another hotspot, reported more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday alone.
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When road traffic decreased in three states during stay-at-home orders, the number of collisions with wildlife also dropped.
  • 1 hour ago
It’s hard to imaging a Ryder Cup without rowdy spectators.
67-year-old Bruce Arians knows he will have to be "real careful," but doesn't want to miss out on the chance to coach a team led by Tom Brady.
Photographer K. Flo Razowsky explores life under the covid-19 pandemic in New York City. After mostly photographing how other people live their lives, Razowsky turns the lens on themself.
The president is pushing tax incentives for sports leagues that have not been able to reopen because of the pandemic.
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Tonya Waddell left her home in Virginia to work in overwhelmed hospitals in Newark, Boston and Chicago.
We can’t keep kids safe in school if we don’t know what safety means to them.
The government says it will not shutter the economy again despite calls by medical experts for caution.
Covid-19 means travel bans against the U.S., which has so often applied them in the past.
  • 3 hours ago
The District, Maryland and Virginia have announced new efforts to aid people struggling to pay rent because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 4 hours ago
“The fireside lessons we absorb as children become part of our DNA,” writes a life-long camp lover.
No matter how you slice the numbers, Trump's figure makes little sense.
Deborah Birx, the physician who oversees the White House pandemic response, said leaders in states that were not hard-hit early on “thought they would be forever spared through this."
Florida is one of a handful of states whose spiking numbers are driving a resurgence of the virus
President says politics, not health risks, are making schools hesitate. Teachers disagree.
President Trump moves to leave the World Health Organization, and the Brazilian president has the virus.
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