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Live updates: U.S. reports more than 30,000 coronavirus cases in record day; CDC recommends people wear cloth face coverings

(Mike Segar/Reuters)
(Mike Segar/Reuters)
The tens of thousands of new American cases came as President Trump announced the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that everyone wear a simple, cloth face covering while out in public.

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Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China, new cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries, with thousands of cases reported in South Korea, Italy and Iran and hundreds in the United States.
  • 6 hours ago
Officials are additionally weighing a plan to distribute reusable cloth face coverings, starting with households in areas with high community transmission of coronavirus.
China’s coronavirus death toll appears far higher than its official tally. Authorities are curtailing memorial services, denying many a proper chance to mourn loved ones.
The D.C. government’s model projects a late June, early July peak, while others say the peak is days away.
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The coronavirus has killed more than 7,000 people across the country, with more than 273,000 Americans having confirmed infections.
Nassau and Suffolk counties have more than 22,000 coronavirus cases combined, meaning about one in every 12 in the United States is located there.
See the latest coronavirus developments Friday in the Washington region.
“We’re going to make sure that they stay in good shape,” Trump said; Energy Department plans to expand Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Federal prosecutors have investigated at least eight District-based covid-19 scam cases in little more than a month
German officials even accused the U.S. of piracy over a shipment of masks officials claimed was diverted to the U.S. in Thailand.
President Trump has used emergency powers to quickly turn people away from the southern border and deny due process to asylum seekers.
GOP counters criticism of president by focusing on Beijing’s early coverup of the disease and evidence that the Communist Party is underreporting the number of cases.
In their private communications, scientists at academic, hospital and public health labs expressed alarm at the Trump administration’s failure to move quickly and at bureaucratic demands that delayed testing.
One industry suffering from the lack of travelers: animal tourism. “This crisis has put the issues of the wildlife trade and the ways that people exploit animals ... into the spotlight,” said one expert on animal welfare.
Virginia’s model is different, as region’s toll tops 5,000 cases and more than 100 deaths.
The most recent surge in unemployment claims came too late to be counted in the government report.
Bank of America said it had taken 10,000 applications before 10 a.m.
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(Adriana Usero/The Washington Post)
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