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Live updates: U.S. marks record number of coronavirus-related deaths; China warns about risk of new infections

(Pawel Supernak/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
(Pawel Supernak/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
With debate unfolding over the full scope of the coronavirus pandemic, Australia’s chief doctor said the global death toll was probably five to 10 times higher than official figures indicated, and China warned of the risk of a resurgence in domestic cases.

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Anju, Centrolina, Gravitas and Clarity demonstrate ace cooking — along with safety and hygiene
While Kushner spoke Thursday with an air of authority, many critics cited his lack of medical experience and argued that he had no business addressing the public at a time when people’s lives are at stake.
“I’d rather bury them in debt than bury them in a coffin," one city council member, George Altgelt, said during a special council session on Tuesday.
As the federal government sought relief for student loan borrowers, private lenders and debt buyers kept trying to collect -- and kept taking borrowers to court.
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Because of coronavirus, the wall between work life and family life has crumbled for many men
Michael S. Megonigal and his daughter had been talking about how to help people who had lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 epidemic, perhaps by buying some groceries for them. He helped one shopper, then everybody in line.
A variety of photo album services allow users to marshall their digital images for a permanent keepsake.
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Without federal leadership, states are handling the pandemic very differently. So what's a governor to do?
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  • Perspective
The National Museum of the American Indian is embracing digital initiatives, and not just for the duration of this shutdown.
Americans embraced New York City after 9/11. Now? Not so much.
For the city’s LGBT residents — especially at-risk elders — the coronavirus pandemic’s woes of loneliness, panic, and fear of being vulnerable to infection are evocative of the HIV/AIDS crisis a generation ago.
There’s been bitter infighting over medical supplies and the economic response.
The case is the latest example of religion clashing with public health during the pandemic as people of faith have been asked to forgo traditional religious ceremonies and abandon places of worship
  • Perspective
Australian photographer Alana Holmberg shows small slivers of daily life in the time of the coronavirus.
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"We have not begun to hit the top of the curve here, and our government continues to fail us every step of the way."
  • Analysis
"It's not a toggle-on, toggle-off" situation, said one expert.
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(Adriana Usero/The Washington Post)
From Steph Curry to Trevor Noah: Celebs boost Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus messaging
Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony S. Fauci has cast a non-traditional net when it comes to his covid-19 messaging.
From Steph Curry to Trevor Noah: Celebs boost Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus messaging
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Why one expert says healthy people should wear DIY face masks
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3-D printing face shields for hospitals in need
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