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Live updates: Coronavirus cases nearing 1 million worldwide as death toll soars; staggering U.S. employment claims expected

(Miguel Medina/Afp Via Getty Images)
(Miguel Medina/Afp Via Getty Images)
Italy, France and Spain have been hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, the White House has issued grim predictions about the U.S. death toll.

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See the latest coronavirus developments Thursday in the Washington region.
  • Perspective
'Education should be the last place, not the first, that states look to make budget cuts in the troubled economic times ahead.'
The UFC's lightweight champion says he will remain in quarantine in Russia, leaving the event, for which company president Dana White has yet to announce a site, in further turmoil.
The first shot, the last shot and everything in between.
  • 46 minutes ago
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Some third-party merchants on Amazon are putting claims that their goods prevent the coronavirus in product images to bypass Amazon's detection.
  • Opinion
New York is ground zero — again. Why does one city have to suffer so much?
  • Analysis
The virus could have cost Sanders as much as 7 points in some places.
  • 46 minutes ago
It could take weeks or more before much-needed money reaches the pockets of cash-strapped gig-economy workers, a series of delays that threatens to put their homes, families and livelihoods in jeopardy amid an historic economic downturn.
  • Perspective
The coronavirus pandemic has raised all sorts of workplace issues. Some new federal protections may be able to help.
The train landed fewer than 250 meters from the USNS Mercy, stationed at the Port of Los Angeles to ease the burden on local hospitals overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.
The novel coronavirus has spawned a new kind of athletic feat that requires intense mental toughness as well as physical endurance.
  • Analysis
Many Syrians won’t be able to take preventive measures – or access healthcare.
  • 1 hour ago
  • Perspective
When you get sick, you need to be able to protect your household — while still getting help.
  • 1 hour ago
Companies are removing gift cards but keeping flights and hotel rooms.
Cuomo's decision to chronicle the misery of being afflicted with a potentially deadly disease, describing his symptoms live and in realtime, appears to be an unprecedented move among network anchors.
  • Analysis
The president was more somber but he still played fast and loose with the facts.
  • Analysis
As other countries limit tests, Iceland has undertaken an ambitious model to test anyone who is willing.
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(Adriana Usero/The Washington Post)
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From Steph Curry to Trevor Noah: Celebs boost Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus messaging
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