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Live updates: Fauci warns that Thanksgiving could lead to surge on top of a surge

The United States has reported nearly 13.4 million coronavirus cases and over 266,000 fatalities since February.
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Rural barriers and the legacy of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, which still complicates outreach to minority populations, pose obstacles to immunization.
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Alone in her dorm room, she told me she felt smothered by anxiety.
The Saints become the second NFL team to lose a draft choice for violations of coronavirus protocols, joining the Raiders.
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So much is now broken, including many of the old rules dictating how we write about museums.
Youth coaches and parents say some shut-down teams are traveling to counties where sports are permitted.
The NFL's coronavirus issues widened Saturday as the Broncos were left with no quarterbacks eligible to play Sunday against the Saints and new health restrictions in Santa Clara County had the 49ers facing a potential relocation.
Local businesses get creative as coronavirus closures continue to hit small merchants hard.
Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) has followed the lead of some European countries, saying schools, with their controlled environments, may actually be safer for children and "should be among the very last things to close."
Focus on ventilation, the number and proximity of players, adherence to mask-wearing and community rates of infection.
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A landmark 1966 report indicates today’s low-income students will remain ill-served.
Coach Ryan Day was among those at Ohio State who tested positive.
South Dakota became the latest to hit this grim marker as the country surpassed 13 million known cases.
The Baylor men's basketball team had to cancel its first three games, but it will play two new opponents in Las Vegas. With the coronavirus pandemic upsetting schedules nationwide, the Bears are hardly alone in their improvisation.
While routine for many illnesses, experts say two- or three-dose vaccines are unprecedented in a pandemic when 60 to 70 percent of the population must be immunized to stop the virus’s spread.
Last weekend, inspectors shut down a house party in Poolesville with more than 100 people.
It was the third time in one week that the Transportation Security Administration reported screening more than 1 million daily passengers, a now-rare milestone for airports.
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In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
In April 2020, The Post spoke to shop owners and residents of Venice hoping to bounce back after 2019’s historic flooding. But then came the pandemic.
In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
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