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What you need to know about coronavirus vaccines

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(The Washington Post)
We answer your questions on when you should get vaccinated, how they work and how they were made so quickly.
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As people in the United States wait for vaccines, the death toll continues to grow by the thousands each day.
The survey also shows that more than 6 in 10 Americans say they would probably get the vaccine.
How many doses of the vaccine will be available in your state?
Local governments in Virginia and Maryland have received only a fraction of the doses they requested.
The NCAA tournament will be played in one general geographic area this year and on days of the week not normally seen during March Madness.
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States have responded to the slow rollout of coronavirus vaccine by expanding eligibility for the shots to people over 65. But the moves have made it more difficult to recruit and retain test subjects for clinical trials of vaccines that have yet to win emergency authorization.
The government is on edge ahead of the Lunar New Year in mid-February, when millions of people in China typically travel to celebrate with friends and family.
Rebekah Jones, the fired Florida data scientist who accused officials of trying to doctor the state's coronavirus data, has been charged with computer crimes, state police say.
Saundra Rogers fought for Nelson Orellana Garcia ever since he arrived in the United States 26 years ago.
Educators responsible for teaching students how government works have an unprecedented civics lesson to present.
Aditya Singh survived in part on food given to him by other passengers, grew out his beard, lectured travelers about Buddhism and Hinduism, and attempted to evade scrutiny by wearing an airport worker’s identification badge.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan gets vaccinated and urges others to do so, acknowledging sluggish rollout.
For some frontline workers who have been vaccinated after toiling for nearly a year under exhausting, dangerous and sometimes terrifying conditions, the shot brought an enduring sense of relief.
Five groups got more than $850,000 in loans to help small businesses through the pandemic. The groups have been penalized by Facebook for spreading misinformation.
Tedros warned that some countries fear they won’t get the vaccines promised under the WHO-led Covax initiative.
As coronavirus pandemic intensifies, many colleges are starting classes online.
The country has not approved a vaccine for general use, but Chinese workers at online casinos and presidential security officials have obtained the shots.
Because players cannot leave their hotel rooms at all for two weeks, they must improvise their workouts.
Women's coach Kim Mulkey, who returned after her own covid illness, admitted confusion over the virus makes her "uncomfortable coaching."
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A day in a hospital as it receives its first coronavirus vaccines
Dec. 16 was a day of relief at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Health-care workers lined up and some even teared up when they received a vaccine.
A day in a hospital as it receives its first coronavirus vaccines
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