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People who recover from covid-19 don’t need to be retested for three months, CDC says

The CDC cautions that those who were previously infected should still socially distance and wear masks after they have recovered.
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Diaz told ESPN his study of the Hurricanes' pre-coronavirus spring practices shows close contact between players meets CDC guidelines.
Some college towns expect losses to measures in the tens of millions of dollars, crippling businesses already struggling through the pandemic.
Hundreds of millions of people started moving around again. Now, a surge is here, with new restrictions.
The iconic blue collection boxes are moved frequently depending on mail volumes, a USPS spokesperson said.
In Texas, it appears for now that the season will go on. For Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School in Beaumont, that means navigating health risks while mourning the loss of a beloved coach.
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County officials are awaiting further details from the state and meanwhile decided to close all county-run testing sites.
The discussions with states offer some of the first details of the federal government’s plans at a time when information shared by the administration has been limited and often confusing.
Preparing a strain of the virus that could be used in human challenge trials, ethically fraught experiments in which people are vaccinated and intentionally exposed to the virus, is a preliminary step that will take months.
Families preparing for a virtual school year powered sales of laptops, webcams, headphones and other electronics by 23 percent.
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What it’s like to be at the mercy of America’s unemployment system, stretched to the brink by the pandemic. And portraits of health-care workers.
Gangs are uniting and attacking government opponents. The president denies links.
The example of the Northeast this spring provided clear lessons on preventing nursing home infection, but the Sun Belt has been slow to pick up on them.
From isolated villas to private jets, the wealthy have found ways to travel during a pandemic. But for backpackers and hostel enthusiasts, it’s not as simple.
Old-school firms answered Boris Johnson’s “call to arms” with 13,437 devices. Just one was used, but they’re on standby in case of a second coronavirus wave.
The abrupt announcement of emergency isolation measures, prompted by a surge of coronavirus cases in France, had many scrambling.
Struggling to keep businesses afloat and find work, a group tracked by The Post for months reflects the country’s stark reality.
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