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Coronavirus update: Trump speaks at Mount Rushmore as U.S. sets record for new cases

(Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)
(Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)
Anxieties among state leaders are high heading into the Fourth of July weekend as nearly 40 states see their infection rates rise.
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Joplin has had a surge of cases in recent weeks, and a painful reckoning over how to stop it.
Concerns rise as colleges and universities make plans for the fall.
Johnson will not participate in Sunday's race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Surveys show Canadians support border restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus, amid a sense they’ve handled the pandemic better than the United States.
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The players are back at Nationals Park, but that doesn't mean we're back to normal.
The administration’s failure to act leaves passengers and employees at risk.
During a conference call, players expressed concern about playing during the pandemic.
'I'm not at the point yet where I'm saying we shouldn't try, but we have got to think carefully and challenge assumptions before we open the schoolhouse doors this fall.'
Few places are more patriotic than Texas, where festivities will be dampened by rising coronavirus cases.
Several FC Dallas players have tested positive for the coronavirus since arriving at the league hotel near Orlando.
After months of dysfunction and disregard for expert guidance, the Fourth of July weekend presents a major test for Americans and their leaders.
Experts say it’s because clinicians have become more skilled and are deploying new tactics as they learn more about the course of covid-19.
In Q&A, the experts explain how they handle masks, mail, haircuts, travel, seeing friends, grocery shopping and aspects of life in the pandemic.
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The World Food Program says it needs to reach more people than ever before.
Outside the Power Five conferences, officials weigh health concerns differently.
An outbreak at a meatpacking plant left families in need of help, and a devoted group has provided it.
Many businesses are still laying off workers and a surge in coronavirus cases has given leaders pause, showing how difficult this crisis is to navigate
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(Alexa Juliana Ard, Michelangelo Ruzzene/The Washington Post)
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