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Instead of adhering to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s mask mandate for riders regardless of vaccination status, Daniel Libby allegedly attacked the rail conductor who asked him to wear a face covering onboard.
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Earlier wake up times. Less snacks during the day. But kids say they are excited to be back.
The battle over vaccine mandates can be especially fraught at public places and large events. In New Mexico, 4-H and similar organizations boycotted the state fair over a vaccine requirement and held their own livestock expo.
Return of the Feast of San Gennaro is significant for aging residents and business owners who are struggling to hold on to the historic neighborhood.
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Dec. 16 was a day of relief at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Health-care workers lined up and some even teared up when they received a vaccine.
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People on the frontlines of the outbreak talk about how covid-19 has disrupted their lives.