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Live updates: ‘We are not flattening the curve,’ official says as Florida reveals 10,000 new covid-19 cases

President Trump speculated in a Fox Business interview that the virus was “going to sort of just disappear” at some point, but many other officials are far less optimistic.
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Numbers released Thursday show 58,017 jobless claims were filed in the region last week.
As France emerges from its coronavirus lockdown and life returns to almost-normal, Marseille considers itself lucky.
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) held a football in one hand and a mask in the other during a recent briefing at the state Capitol. “If we want football ... we need to concentrate on this mask now," he said.
For five women trying to break into highly competitive world of sports media, the pandemic has created an unlevel playing field.
Cruelty toward other parents is not going to make the pandemic disappear.
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Brathwaite worked as an assistant general counsel for the District’s Department of Health.
Thousands of deaths may have resulted from people’s fears of seeking care in hospital overwhelmed by the pandemic, experts say.
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Plus, new coronavirus cases topped 50,000 yesterday for the first time ever, and Pfizer reports some encouraging early vaccine data.
The free fall in confidence is among the steepest in the world.
The Hoyas men's basketball coach said he is back in communication with his team and has been discussing the social climate of the country with his players.
Advisers told the state to steer clear of BGI, underscoring U.S.-China tech tension.
The country with the world’s second worst outbreak is hosting one major trial, with two more likely to follow.
He became interested in photography during high school when he received a camera as a gift.
Even as other sports plan their returns, network executives have nervously kept their eyes on the NFL season, which is America’s most valuable television property.
Cartoonists on both sides of the aisle lampoon people who refuse to wear face coverings.
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