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Live updates: Trump says Republicans will pull convention from Charlotte; U.S. coronavirus cases pass 1.8 million

(Logan Cyrus/AFP/Getty Images)
(Logan Cyrus/AFP/Getty Images)
Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper has declined so far to authorize the convention, a gathering of 19,000 people, as the number of coronavirus cases in the country soars past 1.8 million.

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There are at least 6.3 million coronavirus cases worldwide, with surges being reported in Latin America and the Middle East.
Those who rally must take care to avoid causing a surge in covid-19.
  • 7 hours ago
What you need to know about Virginia’s plan to reopen as coronavirus restrictions start to be lifted.
The testing organization acknowledged the coronavirus crisis has blocked many students from taking the college admissions exam.
Many people are still waiting for their economic impact payments. Some have been told their money was deposited in their bank accounts, but the funds didn't arrive.
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The country has limited testing, and workers have increasingly ignored a lightly enforced lockdown. Doctors worry the fragile health system could be overwhelmed.
  • Opinion
Institutional racism and injustice are at the root of disparate outcomes in health. We must do better.
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says he may further ease restrictions later this week.
  • Opinion
This trauma for health-care workers will last far longer than the pandemic.
  • 12 hours ago
With a limited medical system, Canada’s largest and least populated territory has imposed a strict lockdown. It’s the only state-level jurisdiction on the continent to be spared infection.
Lasting covid-19 restrictions limit access to Italy’s cultural sites.
Even in parts of the country that haven't been hit hard by the virus, hospitals are at risk of bankruptcy.
As university leaders face grim financial projections and seek to reassure students about fall plans, many faculty members are concerned.
You've read love letters from diners to restaurants during the pandemic. Here's one from a restaurant to its customers.
  • 17 hours ago
While officials have provided general guidelines for businesses and social gatherings, there is little (or no?) information on how families should transition out of shelter-in-place.
  • 20 hours ago
The country may have been spared the worst of the pandemic, but it hasn’t escaped the economic pain.
  • Opinion
Only rigorously tested approaches for a covid-19 vaccine should reach the public.
  • 22 hours ago
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(Alexa Juliana Ard, Michelangelo Ruzzene/The Washington Post)
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