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Coronavirus updates: Biden says total deaths will soon top 500,000, after U.S. sets another daily record

(Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
(Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
The U.S. reported 4,440 covid-related deaths on Wednesday.
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Virus surge puts ‘real pressure’ on Japan to cancel Olympics, Australia leader says

Japan and the IOC insist the Games are going ahead, but some members of the ruling coalition are reported to have developed cold feet.

Miami Heat to use coronavirus-sniffing dogs in plan to allow some fans back into arena

The team reportedly plans to let 1,500 fans attend games starting later this month, and all guests and employees will need to be screened by the dogs.

Israel recommends coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, marking a shift as some countries reassess risk

On Tuesday, Israel’s Health Ministry and council for gynecological health updated its guidance to recommend the coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, especially those with preexisting health issues or who work in close contact with the public.

Does the public rally behind leaders who get covid-19?

We analyzed public opinion ratings for Macron, Trump and others who got sick.
  • 3 hours ago

A year after Wuhan coronavirus lockdown, trauma runs deep in China’s ‘Hero City’

Relatives who lost loved ones early in the pandemic say they cannot move on without answers from authorities who failed to warn the public in a timely way.
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The final U.S. county to get covid-19? A remote Hawaiian outpost and former leper colony

Until recently, Kalawao County, Hawaii, which has less than 100 residents, was the only county in the country that hadn’t reported a single covid-19 case.

Read Biden’s executive order on safely reopening schools

Plus the president's full plan to attack the pandemic and what it says about schools.

D.C. will resume indoor dining Friday as coronavirus cases hover at elevated levels

The mayor also announced a new schedule for opening up vaccine appointments.

Biden says death toll from pandemic likely will top 500,000 next month, says it will take months ‘for us to turn things around’

President Biden, who laid out his plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, offered a sober assessment about the crisis.

‘Pixie dust’: Why some vaccine sits on shelves while shortages intensify nationwide

Confusion over nursing home set-asides, uncertainty about the status of second doses and reluctance to order vaccine that might go unused mean some doses remain in warehouses.

Partly hidden by isolation, many of the nation’s schoolchildren struggle with mental health

The pandemic makes it harder for students and counselors to address mental health problems.

E.U. leaders consider travel bans, faster vaccine rollout to contain coronavirus variants

European leaders fear the U.K. variant and others could overwhelm their medical systems.

Maryland officials call for schools to reopen no later than March 1

The toll of remote learning falls hardest on the most vulnerable students, state officials say.

Spring term delays: New wave of coronavirus uncertainty slams higher education

As coronavirus pandemic intensifies, many colleges are starting classes online.

Tracking the coronavirus vaccine, state by state

How many doses of the vaccine will be available in your state?

A tennis player has turned his Australian Open quarantine into a party of one

Pablo Cuevas, the world's 70th-ranked player, is winning fans on Instagram and keeping himself as sharp as possible rather than gripe, as some other players have.

India is giving away millions of coronavirus vaccine doses as a tool of diplomacy

The Indian government has sent free vaccines to Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.
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(Luis Velarde/The Washington Post)
A day in a hospital as it receives its first coronavirus vaccines
Dec. 16 was a day of relief at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Health-care workers lined up and some even teared up when they received a vaccine.
A day in a hospital as it receives its first coronavirus vaccines
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Living on the brink: One family’s struggle to survive the pandemic
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What you need to know about the coronavirus relief bill
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Inside this California hospital, a ‘constant battle’ against covid-19
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