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Ten short works called the “Boccaccio Project” will premiere over 10 days in June.
Virtual film festivals, trivia nights, concerts and poetry slams offer an escape for everyone staying at home.
  • 2 days ago
The queen of the beach read has built a bond among her readers. It feels more vital — and in greater jeopardy — in a time of social distancing.
“These Women,” “The Streel,” “The Silence” and other great new titles.
  • 2 days ago
The new service allows users to broadcast Amazon Prime content to friends and family.
Helder Guimarães’s buoyant magic show is a tonic for what ails us in isolation.
This summer, instead of squeezing one more book into our suitcases, we’ll need what we read to transport us to faraway places.
With Google Arts & Culture and various reading resources, there’s a world of ways to stimulate our minds.
“This is a Book for People who Love the National Parks” is an illustrated guide with fun nuggets of information.
As soon as people discovered the pleasures of a diverting novel, some starchy scold swooped in to make them feel bad.
About 98 percent of the trail is open, but many restrooms and overnight shelters remain closed.
The project is an open platform for musicians and filmmakers to collaborate on a series of short films.
  • 3 days ago
This broiled shrimp recipe is bold, a little spicy and very speedy.
The Harry Potter series creator is also asking her young readers to supply illustrations for the print version of the novel, available in November.
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Five free ways to improve your home WiFi
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