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No cash? No problem. Here’s how to tip while traveling without it.

America is becoming increasingly cashless, but that doesn't mean you can't tip. Here's advice on how.
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These new travel carry-on bags are on a roll (if you can find them)

Supply chain issues caused by the pandemic may mean new carry-on bags are sold out or pricier.

Everything you need for the return of travel

As pandemic restrictions lift around the world and Americans get vaccinated, travel feels possible once again. By The Way can help you navigate planning a trip this year.
  • Oct 11

Asia is slowly reopening to travelers. Here’s where you can go.

Thailand is open with restrictions while Bali remains closed to U.S. visitors.

You asked: Is it safe to travel to a music festival?

Health experts were unanimous for this week’s By The Way Concierge question.

Uber will now track your flight and wait for you at the airport

The services are only available for people who reserve the company's higher-priced luxury vehicles.
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Travelers, do you need compression socks when you fly?

Compression socks are especially beneficial on long flights and for people at risk of blood clots.

How to do your first pull-up, and why you should try

Our guide to doing pull-ups includes why they’re good for you, what foundational exercises to do and what pitfalls to avoid.
  • Oct 6

The rental-car shortage is easing — but could return with the holidays

Experts say things may not be back to normal until 2023.

So you want to give acupuncture a try. How do you pick a provider?

Washington Consumers’ Checkbook offers a list of questions to help make sure your acupuncturist is following best practices, plus local ratings.
  • Oct 4
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Have we been doing self-care all wrong?

The pandemic has encouraged Americans to turn to widely varying methods of self-care, including bath bombs and meditation. But, this researcher learned, the concept has strayed from its original meaning.
  • Oct 1
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