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Vacationers are flocking to treehouses

Treehouses beckon to travelers interested in socially distanced roosts promising sweeping views. But read the listings carefully.
  • Jun 10

Sacrificing sleep to make time for yourself? Tips to stop ‘revenge bedtime procrastination.’

‘Revenge bedtime procrastination’ rose with the pandemic, as lines between work, home and school were erased.

These car rental alternatives will get you there this summer

Car-sharing, coupons and lesser-known rental companies can help summer travelers get through the ‘carpocalypse.’

Uber, Lyft and car rentals are jammed up. Here’s how you can get around this summer instead.

Ride-hailing issues are causing travelers to miss flights and cancel plans. Here are alternative ways to get around.

What to know about summer cruises and the industry’s comeback

Much is still in flux as the cruise industry ramps up again.

Shade wars: Another pandemic summer, another battle for protection from the sun

Those unable to be vaccinated will still need outdoor shade, while people who have certain medical conditions will also need to shelter from the sun. Here’s how to protect yourself.
  • Jun 8

How to know when you need a mental health break and ways to make the most of it

Experts hope Naomi Osaka’s actions will encourage more Americans to take time off when they need it — and more workplaces to make that possible.

A visitor’s guide to Deep Creek Lake, Smith Mountain Lake and Lake Anna

A trio of major lake destinations beckons D.C.-area vacationers. Here’s how to tell which is which.
  • Jun 3

Eight road-trip-worthy restaurants in Maryland and Virginia

What’s better than a summer road trip? A summer road trip to a destination restaurant.
  • Jun 3

You asked: Can I go on a group trip with un-vaccinated travelers?

In this week’s By The Way Concierge, we look into the safety concerns of group camping and rafting trip.
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