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He escaped the cacophony by strapping on snowshoes and slipping into the Great North Woods

Snowshoeing, which is growing in popularity, is simple, affordable and “charmingly old school.”
  • Jan 15

A virtual menagerie: How conservation and rescue efforts can connect us with wildlife around the world

While we’re unable to travel, symbolic adoptions are a way to engage with far-flung fauna, including lemurs, coqui and red pandas.

How your unneeded travel rewards can make a difference

Miles4Migrants uses donated points and frequent flyer miles to help displaced people worldwide.
  • Jan 14

Why some seasonal hotels across the U.S. are staying open year-round

The change reflects an effort to both stay afloat financially and offer regional travelers close-to-home getaways.
  • Jan 14

Looking ahead to spring break 2021

If you’re going for it, take precautions. The pandemic still adds serious risk to travel.

Vitamin D sales are up. But experts still don’t know whether it can prevent or treat covid.

Links between vitamin D deficiencies and coronavirus infections have been seen in studies, but “correlation doesn’t prove causation.”

Ed Ruscha’s stunning Sunset Strip art project lets you tour its full length, east to west — and back in time

An extraordinary series of photographs shows how one iconic street in Los Angeles has changed since the 1960s.

A spirited tour of the United States

Mixing up these seven states’ signature cocktails can give you an in-home taste of the local flavor.
  • Jan 8

Paddling through a painterly landscape in New York’s Adirondack Park

On a Saranac Lakes canoe trip, the scenery that inspired Winslow Homer is a picture-perfect backdrop for camaraderie and adventure.
  • Jan 8
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