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Sometimes it’s better to pay the parking fine now and fight it later.
The latest Holmes flick stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin as siblings Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft.
While some cultural institutions remain closed because of covid-19, museums, sculpture gardens and historic sites are beginning to open their doors to socially distanced visitors.
From log cabins to swimming holes, rustic getaways are staging a comeback.
  • Sep 18
Scuba divers explore shipwrecks dating from the Civil War era to post-World War II off the Cape Hatteras coast.
  • Sep 18
Seven art venues that combine the fine-art experience with the appeal of the outdoors.
  • Sep 17
From orchards to haunted houses, experts weigh in on how to safely enjoy the best of the season wherever you travel.
Veterans offer newly fledged digital nomads tips for life on the road when the temperature drops.
  • Sep 17
There are apps for that — and strategies that don’t require membership in loyalty programs.
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Five free ways to improve your home WiFi
Speed up your Internet connection and eliminate wireless ‘dead zones’ while you’re stuck at home.
Five free ways to improve your home WiFi
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How to travel in spirit
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Full tutorial: How to sew a face mask
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Sourdough bread: 5 simple tips for baking a perfect loaf
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