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Going to Europe? These 7 countries have tightened rules on Americans.

Unvaccinated travelers will have a tougher time going to Europe with new restrictions in place.

How to seek care for non-covid health issues during the pandemic, and why you shouldn’t delay

From virtual appointments with your primary care physician to emergency room visits, medical experts provide best practices to try to avoid potential exposure when seeking care for non-covid-19 health issues.

Fluid travel landscape complicates fall and winter vacation planning

Flexibility and foresight are key to having a successful trip as coronavirus variants continue to make travel difficult.

How to translate the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to any cuisine

It’s the eating pattern that counts, and it’s fine to swap in the whole grains, vegetables, beans and spices that you prefer.
  • Sep 15

Does your Airbnb or hotel have a hidden camera? Experts share tips for protecting yourself.

A viral TikTok uncovered how to spot spy cameras while traveling. Security insiders weighed in on the real risks.

How housing that mixes young and old can improve the lives of both

In bringing together two traditionally isolated groups, intergenerational living can cultivate a sense of purpose, boost mental health and help keep seniors active.
  • Sep 14

Your vacation is around the corner. But first: time to scramble for a coronavirus test.

As more destinations require tests for visitors, travelers are running into roadblocks.

Are at-home covid tests accurate? What the results can and can’t tell you.

While at-home coronavirus tests can be a useful diagnostic tool, the tests aren’t 100 percent accurate and a negative result shouldn’t be thought of as a “free pass.”

How I learned to love RV travel in my 90s

Prompted by the pandemic, this grandma tried RV travel for the first time — and loved it.
  • Sep 9

You asked: Should we travel to a Level 4 country right now?

By The Way Concierge goes to the CDC to break down travel advisories.

What’s the best travel insurance for your fall trip? It depends.

Experts explain the travel insurance coverage you need — and what you can skip.

Need a quick stress-reliever? Try one of these surprising science-based strategies.

These unusual stress-busters, which include looking at fractals, chewing gum and yawning, are based on science.
  • Sep 8

The combination of sun, heat and masks can worsen rosacea. Here’s what else you need to know.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disorder that causes the skin to flush. Knowing your triggers and trying these treatment options could help.
  • Sep 7
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