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Japan, Hong Kong and China are the latest destinations to announce easing restrictions for tourists.

If the winter storm cancels your flight, here's how to get your money back.

Highway safety experts offer tips on navigating traffic meltdowns in winter storms like the one that shut down I-95 in January 2022.

Our travel reporters will help you navigate the chaos with expert-backed advice.

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As pandemic restrictions lift around the world, travel feels possible once again. By The Way can help you navigate planning.

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FDA scientists said vaccines are safe for infants and young kids. Here's how to avoid meltdowns while traveling with them.

  • Natalie Preddie
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Strategies for staying calm and polite while asking people to take coronavirus precautions on a maskless flight.

One key to cheap flights on Icelandic newcomer Play is to buy a round-trip ticket.

Test manufacturer iHealth now has a CDC-compliant telehealth service that delivers results you can show at the airport.

Prices for flights, hotels and gas are all up from 2021.

Overnight flights were never fun, but the pandemic adds some challenges to the mix.

Where to find the best Australian food, from cafes for avocado toast to local restaurants for Chinese dumplings, Thai fish and Lebanese chicken.

  • Riley Wilson
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Where to go in Mexico, from beach resorts to food capitals to nightlife centers.

How to get ahead of your weird family dynamics and get your work done away from home.

Getting a rapid test and having a contingency plan can help alleviate anxiety.

Prepare to mask in public and register for a digital vaccine pass if you want to travel through Manila, Batangas and elsewhere.

How to relax at busy airports, from packing and parking to check-in and security.

Insurance, research and preparedness can help keep travelers to Europe safe as war rages in Ukraine.

Uploading your CDC vaccine card to digital platforms can help you navigate foreign trips.

For travelers, contactless payment systems are quickly becoming the preferred way to settle bills.

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