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Asia is slowly reopening to travelers. Here’s where you can go.

Thailand is open with restrictions while Bali remains closed to U.S. visitors.

You asked: Is it safe to travel to a music festival?

Health experts were unanimous for this week’s By The Way Concierge question.

Uber will now track your flight and wait for you at the airport

The services are only available for people who reserve the company's higher-priced luxury vehicles.

Travelers, do you need compression socks when you fly?

Compression socks are especially beneficial on long flights and for people at risk of blood clots.

The rental-car shortage is easing — but could return with the holidays

Experts say things may not be back to normal until 2023.

The pandemic bra revolution: How to find a comfortable one, or go without

Advances in fabrics and styles are improving the comfort of bras and creating more alternatives.

How to survive the 2021 holiday travel season

This holiday travel season is shaping up to be a busy one. If you haven’t already booked, you might be too late.

Flying with kids: 6 questions about mask rules, answered

The TSA's mask mandate exempts kids under 2, but everyone else has to cover their face on a plane.

Send By The Way your spooky travel stories

Travel is full of unexpected experiences, and for some travelers, those experiences can be literally terrifying.
  • Sep 28

FDA says it needs more data to rule on safety of sunscreen ingredients

Agency is looking at the safety of chemical sunscreen filters, ingredients that protect wearers from UV rays.
  • Sep 28

The pandemic has been hard on friendships. Here’s how to reconnect.

Give yourself time to warm up to socializing, be choosy in whom you pick, find shared routines, and other strategies to make the most out of friendships.
  • Sep 27

Linda Evangelista says CoolSculpting ‘disfigured’ her. Here’s what experts say about the procedure.

The cosmetic procedure, which freezes and kills fat cells, can go wrong in rare cases.

The completely correct guide to a perfectly cliche fall getaway

Throw on a sweater, pick some apples and embrace the most underrated travel season.
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