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(Hannah Ernst)
(Hannah Ernst)

Inspired by her grandfather, 15-year-old memorializes coronavirus victims with digital portraits

Hannah Ernst lost her grandfather, Cal Schoenfeld, to the novel coronavirus in May. She wants others to know that victims are more than just numbers.
People started scouring their pantries and offering up the SpaghettiOs from their kitchen shelves. Friends and even strangers brought over hundreds of cans of it.
  • Sep 22
Photographer and writer Neil Kramer shows us how he, his mother and his ex-wife dealt with quarantine in New York.
Hope Hearted's goal is to pass out 5,000 kits, including a face mask, soap, wipes and water, by the end of the year.
As college campuses emerge as coronavirus hotspots, student journalists are meeting the moment.
People try to tip him for his work. “That would take away the fun of doing it for free,” said Brian Schwartz.
  • Sep 18
When Blanca Rodriguez was finally able to see her baby in the NICU, Jade clutched her mother’s finger through a port on the incubator.
  • Sep 15
I tell patients they deserve to grieve without guilt. But it’s hard to practice what I preach.
  • Sep 14
These videos have been the family’s way to put smiles on others’ faces and raise money to feed the hungry during the pandemic.
Fans aren't allowed in Major League Baseball parks this season, creating an opportunity for many to honor family and friends who have died.
A third-grader from Denver is teaching younger students to read while school is constrained to online learning.
Jessica Santos-Rojo, on working, teaching, and parenting at home in a pandemic
Being students and instructors breeds new anxieties for college teaching and research assistants in the midst of the health crisis.
People in the farming community donated their government stimulus checks and dipped into their bank accounts to raise $93,592 — enough to help every business affected by the shutdown.
  • Sep 1
People in and around the city can order dinner and drinks for delivery or pickup, with a lip-syncing performance by a drag queen or king.
Anna Del Priore, 107, and Helen Guzzone, 104, both contracted the novel coronavirus this spring.
Music for Milestones provides children a creative outlet through free music classes.
Paxton Burns won a humanitarian award for his food project, Paxton's Blessing Box.
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