Fine-tune Your Finances

Episode 1: How to Buy Your First Home

When it comes to major financial decisions, purchasing a home might be the most major of all.

Pre-qualifications, mortgage insurance, closing costs – every step can feel daunting. In fact, two in five first-time homebuyers in a recent survey say they felt anxious throughout the entire process.

But with a little help from a few friendly faces, it doesn’t have to be. In this interactive video, we’ll learn how to establish a rough budget, how down payments work when you put down less than 20%, what banks are looking for in a mortgage application, and even a few things about the closing process as well.

Follow Gabbie as she journeys through the homebuying process with help from her best friend Sam, who is a real estate agent, and her banker John. Along the way, click to help Gabbie decide her path, from how much money she’s putting down to closing on her dream home.

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