Why a new president and Congress must support smart freight rail policy

Our country’s railroads support every business sector, and smart policy can ensure they continue to operate efficiently. (Partner Content)

When you buy a car, think about trains

When perusing a car lot for the right vehicle, you may not think about trains. Why would you? Well, because if not for freight trains, your options would be limited, and the car that fits your budget might not be so affordable.

Heavier trucks are the real elephant in the room

If you want to quickly grasp the current proposal in Washington to increase the weight limits on shipping trucks, your first stop should be the zoo.

Freight rail’s on-ramp to the global economy is intermodal

Global business today has never been more competitive, as barriers to the exchange of goods, knowledge and capital continue to decrease. In this new and smaller world, the success of a business is often determined by speed, efficiency and reliability.

Freight rail: An American free-market success

The U.S. freight rail industry is among the most successful comeback stories in American history.

Partial deregulation continues to transform freight rail

The freight rail industry was partially deregulated in 1980. To say that it was a catalyst that transformed the industry is an understatement, says Robert Gallamore, a nationally recognized expert on railroad and intermodal economics, technology and safety.

An industry transformed

By the late 1970s, more than 20 percent of America's freight rail network was owned by bankrupt railroads. An entire industry stood on the brink of collapse.

5 surprising ways railroads improve life in America

Although you probably don’t think much about how things we use every day get to where they need to be, America’s railroads have. It’s their job to keep up with the rising global demand for goods, delivering them safely, on time and affordably. But the industry also delivers some hidden gems that come with the convenience of a rail industry that keeps our economy moving.

How deregulation saved the freight rail industry

On an otherwise uneventful Sunday in June, leaders in Washington, D.C. began to panic. The sixth-largest company in the nation had slipped into bankruptcy. Its collapse threatened the stability of an entire industry and the health of the nation’s economy.

No need to fix a freight rail system that is thriving

Today, America’s freight rail system is the envy of the world. Thirty-five years ago, it was in shambles, and many of the nation’s railroads were near bankruptcy. In one telling measure of the industry’s condition — and a metaphor for freight rail at the time — stationary freight cars routinely fell off the rails because of rotting crossties.