Driving the work of economic equity in underserved communities

(Partner Content) How access to financial services is a crucial element of improving the financial health of families and communities

Supporting an inclusive economy: small businesses, Black and Latinx entrepreneurs, and their intersection

(Partner Content) How more access to more capital can support the growth of underserved businesses.

Laying a foundation for opportunity with affordable housing

(Partner Content) Creating inclusive pathways to housing starts with breaking down systemic barriers

A commitment to advancing racial equity

(Partner Content) JPMorgan Chase is committing $30 billion to address key drivers of the racial wealth divide, reduce systemic racism against Black and Latinx people and support employees

The path to an inclusive economy

Communities under-served before the pandemic need relief more than ever. JPMorgan Chase is part of the solution. (Partner content)

Improving communities, brick by brick

Keona Tate saw promise, where many could not. In the south side Chicago neighborhood of Woodlawn, she was happy to find a vacant, two-family brick home within walking distance of both her job and her son's high school. Tate recently purchased the property with the help of a local homebuyer assistance program and plans to live in the building's first-floor unit while renting out the other one.

How to build global cities that are engines of inclusion instead of displacement

Cities are increasingly punching above their weight as engines of global economic growth. But, as any boxer knows, to be a contender you need a good one-two punch.

Why Detroit Matters

It’s a sad truth: It often takes a disaster before people will do what’s needed to solve a problem. For Detroit, it was a slow-motion tragedy that engulfed the city for decades. Today, however, the city is in the midst of a remarkable turnaround.

Extending the success of cities to neighboring communities

The ongoing revitalization of American downtowns has seen restaurants, businesses and residential developments result in bustling streets and thriving local economies. But often, surrounding neighborhoods haven’t experienced the same renaissance. Many families in nearby communities continue to grapple with limited housing, few services and grim commercial landscapes.

How skills training for women can change communities

When was the last time you saw an all-female construction crew? Chances are you don’t have an answer: Women make up a mere 3 percent of workers in well-paid, middle-skill construction jobs, according to“Pathways to Equity: Narrowing the Wage Gap by Improving Women’s Access to Good Middle-Skill Jobs” a new Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) study commissioned by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Tackling tech’s gender imbalance: Tech Connect program targets tech-savvy women

In an age where technology is advancing at the speed of light, the need for tech-savvy graduates is growing just as fast. Companies everywhere are striving to create innovative products and applications but this can't happen without top talent.

Matching mothers to mentors: Working moms get the support they need

It may take a village to raise a child, but for some women at JPMorgan Chase, just one mentor was key to navigating new motherhood while going back to work. Starting late in 2014, the Women on the Move employee initiative partnered with WIN – our Women’s Interactive Network Business Resource Group – to pilot a Maternity Mentors program in New York.

Managing your own path: Six tips for women re-entering the workforce

When I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, I was eager to get started in commercial litigation and employment law. After working many hours for eight years, I surprised myself when, pregnant with my first child, I chose to take time off and adjust to being a new mom.

Why the health of our cities is important for everyone

By 2050, there will be 2.5 billion more people living in cities than there are today. In this increasingly urban world, cities have become the center of society’s most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges. They also offer the greatest potential to drive growth and opportunity, large-scale innovation and sustainable solutions.

How the Motor City’s turnaround is advancing cities across the country

I’ve spent much of the last month in Detroit reflecting on the tremendous progress this city has made. As part of the Global Cities Initiative – our joint project with the Brookings Institution – civic, business and political leaders gathered in April for a working session on attracting more global investment in Detroit, and this week leaders from JPMorgan Chase & Co. gathered there for our annual meeting.