Transforming healthcare to a value-based payment system

Hospital leaders across the country weigh in on their institution’s journey from fee-for-service to value-based payments. (Partner Content)

Cracking the code to value-based healthcare

Discover how value-based care can lead to greater efficiency and better patient outcomes.

How data can inform value-based healthcare

Hospital systems are using data to inform decision making in the drive towards new value-based care delivery.

Changing the face of healthcare

Why the healthcare industry is shifting its focus to value-based care.

Telehealth tools help provide a clearer picture of patient needs

Arthur Bernard Tyson, 70, is a stroke survivor with diabetes living in rural eastern North Carolina. He woke one morning feeling “healthy and normal” except for a nosebleed. He was headed to his job as a foreman at a nitrogen company when he received an urgent call from a nurse.

Wearable technology empowers patients with COPD

“I never smoked, and I saw Mom suffer while breathing even though she didn’t smoke,” said John Walsh, whose lungs operate at just 34 percent capacity. Walsh, 66, has alpha-1 antitrypsin genetic deficiency, which often causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). His mother died at 46 from this genetic condition, and several of his siblings are severely alpha-1-deficient. Walsh’s twin brother is at end stage COPD and maintains 15-16 percent lung capacity.