The fight for a sustainable future won’t be won by one person, organization or nation. Climate change must be fought collectively, with everyone playing their part. And inaction is not an option. According to a recent report, humanity is at a turning point. Our last chance to turn things around is now.

To explore how we might all work together to better realize our power and create a more hopeful future, we invited two environmental visionaries, both known for their creativity and sustainable entrepreneurship, to share ideas for inspiring, and enacting, real change.

Maya Penn is a 21-year-old activist, author, sustainable fashion entrepreneur and three-times TED speaker, widely hailed for her environmental stewardship. In the video above, she meets Yazmany Arboleda, a 40-year-old Colombian-American artist, known for community art projects that empower the public and challenge institutional status quos.

Though they meet virtually—from their studios in Atlanta, Ga. and Brooklyn, N.Y. respectively—the pair soon hit upon a shared vision. It’s one in which individuals, new technologies, inter-generational collaboration and visionary large organizations such as Volvo—a company leading the charge on becoming “part of the solution”—can all make a difference.

Watch the video above to get inspired and play your part.