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‘Do you guys do pick up or delivery?’: Fugitive arrested after taunting police online

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A Pennsylvania fugitive sarcastically suggested authorities offer pickup and delivery services to the county jail — so, they kindly obliged.

When the Greene County Sheriff’s Office posted its “Top Ten Wanted” list on Facebook last month, one of the fugitives, Chloe Jones, replied beneath the post: “Do you guys do pick up or delivery??” She added four laughing emoji.

In their own satirical response, authorities announced this week that Jones, who was wanted for failing to appear in court in connection with a simple assault charge, had been arrested. She was taken into custody after a social media spat on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, where she taunted deputies and disclosed her recent whereabouts.

“Ms. Chloe Jones and her witty comments are taking a hiatus from our Facebook comments section due to the jail not having Internet for her to use,” the post read.

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Following Jones’s snide remark to authorities, she started engaging with commenters on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page who were telling her to “be an adult” and turn herself in to police.

Jones, from Waynesburg, Pa., alleged that the reason she did not show up in court was because she was in the trauma center at the Ruby Memorial Hospital, which is in Morgantown, W.Va., not far from the Pennsylvania border.

“Like I said hard to show up in court when I’m sedated in the hospital,” Jones wrote in the comment section. “I called my attorney and he said the warrant was already issued blah blah blah.. so of course I’m going to laugh when I’m sitting in the hospital and get on my Facebook and see that I made #2 most wanted for something that I couldn’t control.”

It’s unclear who is representing Jones. The Greene County Public Defender’s Office said she has not been assigned an attorney in the case.

Officials with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Jones, 21, was taken into custody Monday in Morgantown, W.Va., after authorities received an anonymous tip about her possible location. But it is not clear whether Jones’s social media comments contributed to her arrest. Deputies contacted officers with the Morgantown Police Department, who made the arrest. She is in custody in West Virginia, according to booking records.

“Our Facebook page has proven to be a valuable asset to our department in bringing wanted persons to justice,” interim Greene County Sheriff Marcus Simms said in the statement. “We owe a great deal of gratitude to the citizens and law enforcement of our county and the surrounding counties.”

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