An Uber driver is in jail on felony charges after a customer’s Facebook Live video showed him chasing down another car.

Olufemi Sunday Olomola, 38, was booked into the Richmond City Jail on Wednesday morning on two kidnapping charges, as well as reckless driving and felony hit-and-run, according to police.

John Murray and Tameka Swann of Richmond were picked up from their home by Olomola slightly before 8 p.m. Monday for a dinner date, CNN reported.

Shortly into their trip, Olomola’s car was rear-ended, the couple told WTVR in Richmond. Olomola tried to pull to the side of the street to exchange information with the person who hit him, but that person didn’t stop. Instead, the car swerved around them and sped away. That’s when the “nightmare” ride started, they told the station.

Olomola raced off after the other car with Swann and Murray recording their frightening ride on Facebook Live.

Tameka Jpm Swann

Posted by John Murray on Monday, February 10, 2020

Murray looked into the camera and told people the car had been hit while they were in the back seat.

Swann started telling an emergency dispatcher that the car had been hit as Olomola raced after the other car in the rain with his windshield wipers rushing back and forth.

“We got to stop,” Swann says in the video, trying to figure out what streets were blurring by in Olomola’s haste. “I got four kids and I can’t be riding like this. You can let us out. ”

“I can’t let this guy go,” Olomola replied to the exasperated couple. “He hit me. I can’t let him go.”

Swann asked whether everyone in the car had their seat belts on, and tried to reason with Olomola that the hit-and-run guy couldn’t get away because she and Murray had taken down his license plate number.

Olomola’s car zoomed through multiple red lights and made sharp turns to catch up with the vehicle that struck his car.

The car had almost been hit by other vehicles, and he nearly struck a biker, the video showed. The couple called out the street names they could recognize to the operator.

Swann and Murray screamed, and a thwacking sound is audible in the video.

“Somebody just hit us,” she told the dispatcher. “We have been hit twice, ma’am!”

Swann gave the operator more street names and explained that she and Murray were passengers in the back seat of the car and could not control what was happening.

Murray told the driver that the other vehicle was caught on video along with the plate number again.

Once Olomola realized that, he stopped the car and let the couple out.

They were examined by an ambulance shortly after, CNN reported, but the couple is still sore and shaken from the incident.

“I’m in pain. My whole side hurts,” Swann told WTVR, calling the ride the scariest moment of her life.

Murray told the station he didn’t try to grab Olomola because he was concerned that the driver would hit pedestrians.

“Nobody would’ve known that would’ve happened if I didn’t get that on camera,” he told WTVR reporter Brendan King.

All Swann could think about was her children, she told the reporter.

Uber released a statement to CNN that said Olomola’s behavior was deeply concerning and that his access to the app has been removed.

“We have been in contact with the rider and stand ready to support law enforcement in their investigation,” the statement read.

Olomola’s next court date is scheduled for April 21.

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