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Bernie Sanders helped UDC student avoid getting hit by car on Capitol Hill

“Ma’am. Ma’am. Get off the street,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) yelled to the woman as she crossed a street on Capitol Hill, not realizing she was about to get hit by a passing car.

That’s how the incident unfolded Wednesday afternoon as Amy Currotto — a University of the District of Columbia law student who uses a wheelchair — headed to a banjo and guitar lesson.

Currotto, 26, said she didn’t notice the oncoming traffic at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Third Street NE — a busy intersection.

She recalled how Sanders walked “right past” her. She said she turned and looked, and thought he “looked kind of familiar,” but wasn’t sure it was Sanders. Then she said to him, “Oh, my goodness, are you Bernie Sanders?” He replied “yes,” but also urged her to get out of the street.

Currotto said she has worked in the past on Capitol Hill and always wanted to meet Sanders, but she never had a chance to encounter him. She said that normally she wouldn’t ask someone well-known on the Hill for a photo, but this time she did.

Though it was a brief encounter, she said Sanders was kind: The senator took the selfie with her on the sidewalk and then headed on his way.

Currotto posted the tale of her encounter on social media, including with the Sanders selfie.

Her Facebook post has generated nearly 400 comments and 4,100 shares. In her Facebook post, she wrote, “BERNIE SANDERS I KID YOU NOT STOPPED ME FROM GETTING HIT BY A CAR ON MY WAY TO MY GUITAR LESSONS SO WE TOOK A SELFIE TOGETHER.”

DCist, which was among the first news organizations to report of Currotto’s encounter, said a representative from Sanders’s Senate office confirmed the incident. His staffers said Sanders doesn’t “view it as a big deal,” according to the article on DCist.

Plenty of commenters had things to say: Allayne Pearson wrote, “Man has his super hero cape on 24/7.” Christopher Cardinale said, “True American.” And Sandra Gee added, “Heaven.”