A woman was caught on video last week yelling obscenities at a family speaking Spanish at a Virginia restaurant.

The incident unfolded Wednesday at Andy’s, a restaurant that has been in the small town of Lovettsville — population 2,000 — for almost 30 years. The location is about 50 miles northwest of Washington, in Loudoun County.

In the video, the woman, who appears to be white, yells, “Show me your passports” as the family eats.

The video was recorded by a Guatemalan woman who shared it with Telemundo 44, according to BuzzFeed News. She said she recorded it because she thinks that those who face racist incidents should speak up about them.

The woman who yells at the family hasn’t been identified by authorities. She curses, and at one point says, “Go back to your f------ country. You do not f------ come over here and freeload on America.”

A Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said deputies responded to the restaurant after receiving a call from a customer.

Spokesman Kraig Troxell said the restaurant’s manager asked the woman who was yelling to leave, which she did. No one was arrested.

Managers at the restaurant weren’t immediately available to comment on Tuesday.

On Facebook, Andy’s wrote a detailed response to the woman who yelled at the family. The response was titled, “Words of Thanks to a Former Customer.”

Words of Thanks to a Former Customer Thank you for understanding that you have a right to express your venomous and...

Posted by Andy's on Saturday, October 20, 2018

The post from Andy’s stated, “Thank you for understanding that you have a right to express your venomous and vitriolic views — no matter how odious and ignorant — under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

It went on to say, “Thank you for disrupting the rights of others who were enjoying an evening of camaraderie in a confined public space. . . . Thank you for providing the employees of Andy’s with an opportunity to demonstrate the precepts of the common law behind that First Amendment, which indicate that although you have the right to declare your despicable views, you also have the obligation to bear the consequences for speaking them.”

The posting ends with, “Thank you — and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve — for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome.”

The post received several responses on Facebook.

David Lindberg wrote, “Thank you, Andy’s, for being a righteous light in a time of bitter darkness. We shall overcome.” Tom Host wrote, “Brilliant response to ignorance!” And Laurie Adams wrote, “Well done! Thank you for supporting this family and showing us all how to stand against racism.”