Opossum alert!

With plenty of local news — hello, Virginia — to make headlines, a possum spotted in the daylight outside The Washington Post’s building at 13th and K streets NW added to a mix of unusual happenings. The opossum came out Thursday morning and appeared near one of The Post’s front entrances.

What’s the meaning of the little guy being outside The Post’s office? We’re still pondering ....

And it’s not clear what happened to the opossum, which has since moved on.

Dan Rauch, the city’s wildlife biologist, said it isn’t uncommon to see opossums, a native species, in the city. He said there are “lots of opossums in the city."

“They’re in our backyards, in our alleys and in our parks,” he said. “They’re a native wildlife.” He said they’re good to have around because they keep out garden pests and eat the “bad bugs,” including ticks.

He said they may not be the “most attractive animal,” but they’re a good one to have around.

Opossums are typically nocturnal, but Rauch said this one might have been getting something to eat and gotten caught out past sunrise while “looking for a place to hole up.”

Interestingly, he said, opossums have a body temperature that is generally too low for them to have rabies.

Update: This article was updated to reflect that it was an opossum, not a possum.