Almost every human gets a pat-down before entering the White House, but not water fowl.

A mama duck and her ducklings were spotted Tuesday morning as they waddled their way across the street and onto the sidewalk and then past a security fence in front of the White House.

Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief White House correspondent, captured the moment on video and posted it on Twitter. In the video, the mama duck gets up on a step and so do seven of her ducklings. But one little one bumps into the sidewalk before recovering and joining the group.

They then waddle under a black security fence and head on their way.

Two security personnel stood nearby.

Plenty of people had comments on social media.

On Twitter, @StoicExtrovert wrote, “Russian spies I tell ya!” And @EdKrassen wrote, “Poor little guys. They have no clue about the hell they are about to walk into.”

Another person, @PressHereJG wrote, “Finally! A new administration!” And @CanaryAmerica said, “That’s what I was thinking, mama duck for President!!”