The ponies at Chincoteague swam Wednesday in what’s their annual tradition at the well-known island on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

It was the 92nd year of the event, which was made famous in the 1961 movie “Misty” and based on “Misty of Chincoteague” by Marguerite Henry.

The swim takes the ponies roughly four minutes.

Chincoteague and nearby Assateague Island are known for their free-ranging herds of wild horses. An annual pony swim in the summer between the two spots draws thousands of visitors.

The event is run in large part by the local fire company. The day after the swim foals are auctioned, and officials said that helps to keep the herd from overexpanding. Plus, the event raises money for the fire department, which cares for the ponies on the island.

Last year, one of the Chincoteague ponies died in what officials said was a freak accident. The pony, named Butterfly Kisses, was being chased by another, and she slipped and fell hard to the ground and slid into a fence. She broke her neck and had no chance to survive, officials had said.