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The tally of known coronavirus cases in the District, Maryland and Virginia stands at 1,277 Thursday after Maryland reported an additional 157 cases Thursday, bringing the state’s total to 581. Virginia reported 69 more cases Thursday for a total of 461. The District reported 36 new cases Thursday, bringing its total to 271.

Here are some of the most significant and recent developments as the region responds to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease covid-19:

• D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) condemned federal relief legislation that reduces the amount the District will receive by more than $700 million because it treats the city as a territory. But Bowser acknowledged that any funding increase is unlikely ahead of any future relief measures.

• The number of unemployment benefit claims filed in the D.C. region spiked since the coronavirus outbreak, mirroring a surge across the country. According to figures Thursday from the Labor Department, the number of claims filed last week was more than 102,000 for Maryland, Virginia and the District.

• President Trump approved a major disaster declaration for Maryland, which Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said “will help provide much-needed funding” in the state’s fight against the virus.

• The number of novel coronavirus cases in the Washington region has climbed past 1,200, as Maryland, Virginia and the District reported their largest single-day increases Wednesday — followed by Maryland announcing another surge on Thursday. The region has 1,208 reported cases, with 20 virus-related deaths.