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The number of known coronavirus cases in the District, Maryland and Virginia was 78,172 on Monday, with 39,762 cases in Maryland, 31,140 in Virginia and 7,270 in the District. The number of virus-related deaths reached 2,023 in Maryland, 1,014 in Virginia and 392 in the District, for a total of 3,429 fatalities.

Here are some of the most significant recent developments as the region responds to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease covid-19:

• D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said the city has seen eight days of declining community spread of coronavirus and may announce by Thursday when it would begin to reopen. While the nation’s capital has already met some criteria necessary to reopen — including a hospital capacity below 80 percent and an ability to test certain high-risk groups — officials also want to see a two-week decline in the “community spread of the virus.”

• Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced that he would allow the city of Virginia Beach to open its beaches to sunbathing and swimming on Friday. No group sports, alcohol, tents or large groups will be allowed, and parking areas will be limited to 50 percent capacity, Northam said at a news conference with Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer.

• The District, Maryland and Virginia combined to report 1,857 additional known coronavirus cases Monday, as well as 45 additional deaths. The daily death toll was the lowest in the three jurisdictions since April 13.

• As part of its effort to return to operations that largely ground to a halt because of the pandemic, D.C. Superior Court ramped up its capacity to hold virtual hearings in criminal, juvenile, civil and domestic relations cases. Officials said it was not clear when juries may again be seated, and there are no immediate plans to hold trials in criminal cases.