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The number of known coronavirus cases in the District, Maryland and Virginia was 81,125 on Tuesday, with 41,546 cases in Maryland, 32,145 in Virginia and 7,434 in the District. The number of virus-related deaths reached 2,081 in Maryland, 1,041 in Virginia and 400 in the District, for a total of 3,522 fatalities.

Here are some of the most significant recent developments as the region responds to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease covid-19:

• The District, Maryland and Virginia announced 93 new covid-19 fatalities, the highest in five days. Maryland reported 58 covid-19 fatalities and 1,784 new cases — the highest single-day increase in infections. The spike coincides with more than 7,100 new test results received, one of the highest in one day since the governor set a goal of testing 10,000 people daily.

• A 15-year-old in Maryland has died after testing positive for the coronavirus, officials said, marking the first pediatric death in Baltimore County associated with the pandemic. The teenager had “symptoms of an inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 infection that has been documented in children in New York and other locations,” according to a statement from local officials.

• The Virginia Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by a gym owner who was seeking to reopen Gold’s Gyms that were shuttered by business restrictions prompted by the coronavirus.

• D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser said she spoke to President Trump on Tuesday and made the case for the District receiving the same covid-19 relief funding as the 50 states. As part of the federal coronavirus relief legislation, all states received at least $1.25 billion, but the District was treated as a territory and instead received nearly $500 million.