The National Zoo in Washington is seeking the public’s help in naming its baby giant panda.

In a Twitter message, the zoo invited the public to select a name between Monday and Friday this week. The name with the most votes will be given to the cub on Nov. 23.

The panda was born Aug. 21 and weighed 9.2 pounds as of early this month.

Zoo officials said the cub’s favorite activities are “napping, nursing and cuddling with mother Mei Xiang.”

Suggestions for names on the zoo’s website included the following:

Fu Zai (fu-tzai) | 福仔

Mandarin Chinese for “prosperous boy.”

Xiao Qi ji (shiau-chi-ji) | 小奇迹

Mandarin Chinese for “little miracle.”

Xing Fu (shing-fu) | 幸福

Mandarin Chinese for “happy and prosperous.”

Zai Zai (tzai-tzai) | 仔仔

Mandarin Chinese nickname for a boy.